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Manama Souq

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Manama Souq, is the old bazaar (souk) of Manama, located in the north of Manama, between the Central Business District and the City, to the east of Noaim and West of Ras Rumman. It lies in the heart of the city, near Bab Al Bahrain.

This busy market place includes several traditional and modern shops, stretching from Isa Al Kabeer Avenue on the east-end, Government Avenue on the north and Shaikh Hamad Avenue on the west. Here one gets to see and purchase all possible fabrics, spices, thobes, kaftans, souvenirs, handicrafts, nuts, dry fruits and anything possible.

Majority of the crowd and traders at Manama Souq are Bahrainis, and expatriates from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt and other neighbouring Arab nations. Visitors from across the world visit the souq to experience the traditional look and feel of the market place.

The Manama Souq is located in the older region of the town, with the narrow streets and partially covered alleyways being typical of Middle Eastern Souq. There are several interesting items and souvenirs to purchase, apart from affordable items specifically created in Asia. 

All wares are sold in the souq ranging from clothes of different colours and textures, gold and jewelry, traditional range of spices and local produce, although the gold souq is noteworthy. Bartering is permitted, and the whole shopping experience turns into a challenge to see who obtains the best price.  When visiting Manama, a visit to the souq is worth it, if not to enjoy the brightly coloured display of fresh fruits and vegetables, and scents of herbs, nuts and spices, but also to observe local Bahraini people going about their routine lives.