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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Places to Visit in Bahrain

Gold Souk Bahrain

Gold Souq in Bahrain is without doubt a must visit place when visiting Bahrain. The Bahrain Gold Souq attracts maximum crowd for its hall mark gold. Bahrain Gold is usually 21 carat and hallmark, and is available in infinite number of styles, including traditional ones.

More information about gold souk in Bahrain

Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary

The Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary at Zallaq Village is home to several Arabian mammals, particularly the Arabian Oryx and Reem Gazelle. The Sanctuary is also well-known for its flock of migratory birds.

More information about Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary

Pearl Monument

The Pearl Monument (erected in 1982) was among the famous landmarks in Bahrain that visitors just couldn’t afford to miss so far. The monument was a true representation of six states in the Gulf. But unfortunately, this major landmark was demolished on 18th March 2011 by the Bahrain government, owing to the political unrest in the country.

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Bahrain International Circuit

Designed by German architect Hermann Tilke, and located amidst the desert, the Bahrain International Circuit is a motorsport venue unveiled in 2004. It is used for drag racing, GP2 and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix.

More information about Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH)

Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) is a large-scale commercial development located next to the King Faisal Highway, in proximity to popular landmarks such as Bahrain World Trade Center, Pearl Roundabout, and the National Bank of Bahrain. In fact, Bahrain Financial Harbour is positioned just 10 minutes away from Bahrain International Airport and 2 minutes from Manama.

More information about Bahrain Financial Harbour

Manama Souq

Manama Souq, is the old bazaar (souk) of Manama, located in the north of Manama, between the Central Business District and the City, to the east of Noaim and West of Ras Rumman. It lies in the heart of the city, near Bab Al Bahrain.

More information about Manama Souq

The Bahrain National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum was unveiled by H.H. Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the then Amir of Bahrain. Every section of this museum projects the Bahrain history. The tourists can also take a tour to the aquarium, exhibition halls and national library located in the same civic complex when visiting the museum.

More information about Bahrain National Museum

Arad Fort

Arad Fort is a 15th century fort in Bahrain, with typical Arab pattern architecture. The Fort or the Qalat al Bahrain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an archaeological site and fort, which was the capital of ancient Dilmun civilization.

More information about Arad Fort Bahrain

Bahrain Fort

The Bahrain Fort is one of the major landmarks of Bahrain, and is one of the most popular forts in the country. The fort plays an integral part in offering visitors a deeper insight about different aspects of Bahrain.

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Riffa Fort

Strategically located in the city of Ar-Rifa, the Riffa Fort in Bahrain offers a wonderful view that one cannot afford to miss. Apart from the picturesque view, the rich historical value of the fort offers an insight of Bahrain during previous times along the way.

More information about Riffa Fort

Al-Fateh Mosque

The Al-Fateh Mosque (also known as Al-Fateh Islamic Center & Al-Fateh Grand Mosque) in Manama, located adjacent to the King Faisal Highway in Juffair, is one of the world’s largest mosques, with capacity to accommodate about 7000 worshippers at a time.

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