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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Things to do in Bahrain

There is never a dearth of list of activities that visitors can engage themselves in during their visit to Bahrain. There are plenty of sight-seeing attractions that Bahrain offers to visitors.

Given the fine weather all round the year, there are plenty of opportunities available for sports lovers, including both sea and land based sports. There is scope for Adventure and Recreation too. There are excellent water activities here including swimming, game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing, yachting, and parasailing.

The land activities here are equally amazing with golf fames, horse riding, camel riding, skating rink, bowling alley, snooker tables and video games. There are also the night clubs for those who would like to experience wonderful nightlife in Bahrain.

Here’s a list of best things that visitors can engage themselves in, which visitors can indulge themselves, based on individual interest.

Art and Handicrafts in Bahrain

Bahrain has an abundance of arts and crafts to satisfy every art lover. Art lovers can visit Bahrain to witness the culture of art that this Arab nation has to offer. There are authentic and ethnic display of Bahrain crafts, ranging from traditional weaving to pottery and paintings.

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Music / Dance and Entertainments

Visitors can spend some time to get to know more about culture in Bahrain, by watching music and dance shows in Bahrain. The typical folk dance tradition here comprises the Ardha – male sword dance, accompanied by traditional drums and poetic songs. Fidjeri, is another dance form, which involves clapping, singing and dancing with earthen urns, accompanied by rendering of poetic versus.

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Food and Cuisine

Food lovers can visit this magical island and savour the raw flavour of age old culture, and taste some delicious cuisine.  Fish, meat, rice and dates are the traditional food in Bahrain. Machboos is a famous Bahraini dish made of meat or fish served with rice.

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Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

A visit to the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park can be a fun day out for kids. Located in Al Areen, the water park features a range of fun rides and activities for kids and adults, including lazy river, sandy beach, wave pool, several slide sets, and fake ruins, that draw inspiration from ancient Dilmun.

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Camel Ride

When visiting any Arab country, there will surely be a close encounter with herd of camels. In Bahrain, when cruising into town from the base, of when visiting the desert in Tree of Life, visitors may come across herd of camels. If interested, you may stop for photograph. The camel farm at Janabiya is the best for camel ride, and getting a ride there is possible. You may also chance upon a range of baby camels.

Dhow Cruise

Take a dhow cruise around Manama. The usual dhow is a sailing vessel made of wood, built in traditional Arabian manner. The cruise helps visitors to enjoy the beauty of Manama Bay. When sailing down the bay, Muharraq Island and port of Mina Salman can be viewed. Visitors will be served sumptuous meal enroute, cooked using local spices, apart from being treated to live Arabic music.

There are several tour operators offering a Dhow Cruise, including packages such as dolphin-watching trip, swimming, snorkelling, and dinner cruise. The Bahrain Yacht Club also operates dolphin-watching trips. Some boat operators also run air-conditioned luxury yachts to Jarda Island.

A dhow cruise can also help in enjoying pleasures like watching the sun set, while the waters gently lap against your boat.


Bahrain is an interesting place to go on a fishing trip. The waters around Bahrain are quite shallow, but include more than 300 species of fish, including tropical varies like parrot fish, angel fish, grouper, barracuda, and clown fish. There are several land reclamation projects currently underway in Bahrain, but there are also several coral reefs that lie in proximity to Bahrain Island.

If you prefer to fish sitting on the shore itself, you can sit on one of the bridges that connects to one of the islands and fish from there, or fish from one of the artificial reefs located off Bahrain. Several hotels too organize fishing packages.

For fishing gear, however, you may have to visit the local markets or souks. Although you may haul in grouper, tuna, shark or barracuda, prawns are the recommended bait for fishing in Bahrain. But, before embarking on this activity, you may have to get a fishing license.


Diving is also one of the popular activities for visitors here, and it could be any form of diving. In Bahrain, diving is done from boats. The sea around Bahrain constitutes sand and rocks and underwater visibility is nearly 5mts. Although there several popular diving sites near Bahrain, a few noteworthy ones are Fifi Wreck (located 5 miles on Bahrain east coast), Caisson Wreck (20 miles off Bahrain coast), Bahrain Pearl (best spot for diving in Bahrain with variety of marine life), Fasht NAjwah (located 50 miles to north of Bahrain), and Abu Thalma (coral dive site located 45 miles from Bahrain).