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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Fishing in Bahrain

Irrespective of the location, fishing is a popular activity for many, particularly for those who love water. Bahrain has many bridges connecting its islands, which are good shallow fishing locations. However, the waters around Bahrain have been severely overfished, but despite this short-coming, people who love this hobby/past-time will be able to satisfy their craving here.

Fishing Spots

The waters immediately around Bahrain are very shallow, and hence, are good for traditional hook-and-line or rod-and-reel fishing. But, with consistent land reclamation projects in the area, there are several secluded sandbars throughout Bahrain from where you may fish.

The several bridges connecting its islands also serve as good shallow fishing locations. The shallow waters and coral reefs have been overfished, and hence, for the best results try fishing by boat at least three miles from shores. Moreover, Bahrain has several links fixing its countries, which also serve as good short fishing sites.

A spot near Hidd, near a line of private jetties seems a good catch. There are French lady fish and at times needle fish too, although if lucky, a squid can be effective bait.

Al Dar Island and Coral Bay are also great fishing boat trips.

Setrah Bridge, Three Muharraq Bridges, Amwaj shores and Al-Busaiteen buried shores are also good fishing spots.

The Fifi wreck located 5 miles off the east coast of Bahrain is particularly popular for night dives.

The Caisson wreck located 20 miles off the coast of Bahrain is a concrete and steel structure which is also home to numerous fishes.

Fasht najwah, located 50 nautical miles north of Bahrain is a good dive location for advanced divers and photographers. During peak season, Najwah is a good location to spot whale sharks.

Fish species

More than 200 species of fishes have been identified in the waters surrounding Bahrain. If you fish from shore, you may be able to catch tropical varieties of fishes like butterfly, angel, parrot fish, clown fish, barracuda or grouper. If fishing from offshore a few miles by boat, you may be able to catch larger variety of fishes including sea bream, tuna and various species of shark. Sometimes, sting rays can be seen sunning themselves on the sand banks.

Although there are plentiful Spanish mackerel in the shallow waters around Bahrain, the fish population of the inner reefs has been considerably low due to overfishing. For best catch, you need to be 3 to 6 miles away from shore.

Prawns are recommended bait for fishing in Bahrain, Further, add weight to your line to help hold it down in the strong currents.

Fishing Gear

It is best to ensure that you pack as much of fishing gear on your own when fishing in Bahrain, as there are only few stores selling fishing supplies. You may find a few vendors selling fishing equipments at the local market, or the souk. Further, some larger supermarkets offer a limited selection of fishing supplies, including prawns and small fish, which may also be purchased at the souk or supermarket, which may often be used when fishing with live bait. Else, consider shopping online for best selection.

Fishing laws in Bahrain

The laws in Bahrain about a specific species of fish change often, so as to ensure to check with local authorities for latest regulations before fishing. Coral reefs lie close to the island, and several of them can be seen along the eastern and southern side of the island.

Apart from overfishing, the waters near Bahrain have been highly polluted. Therefore, to restore fish stocks in the area, UAE and Bahrain have joined hands to conserve marine resources and develop fisheries. Measures have been taken to increase fish size and protect endangered species. Further, debris and trash have been removed from coral reefs surrounding Bahrain.

Fishing is an important industry in Bahrain. Fish is both exported and used for domestic consumption, including shrimp, crabs, rabbit fish, lobster and cuttlefish. Shrimp fishery is an important fishery in Bahrain.

Recreational fishing trips can be arranged in most large hotels, tour agencies or Bahrain Yacht Club.

Commercial fishing in Bahrain is done by one-day trips. Shrimp trawlers usually leave in late afternoon and return the next morning. Fishing boats usually take day or overnight trips. The catch is landed and iced on deck.

Check with local authorities if you require a fishing license, as regulations are always changing in order to help re-growth of the area.

Where to buy fishing accessories

Abdulkarim Al-Mannai & Sons W.L.L. - +973 17228252
Ahmed Omer Trading & Contracting Est WLL – Bahrain - +973 17233882
Al Durzai Marine Equipment, Bahrain - +973 17223275
Al Jazeera Shipping Co Bahrain - +973 17728217
Eureast Th – Bahrain - +973 17296570
Horizon International Group – Bahrain - +973 17830076
Marine & Industrial Pump Repair (Gulf) WLL - +973 17311190
Commercial Diving Equipment - +973 17735573
National marine dredging - +973 17298338
Ocean Diving Services – Bahrain - +973 17347535
Pan Marine Industrial Services - +973 17717928
Seven Seas Marine Services WLL - +973 17592293