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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Nightlife in Manama Bahrain

Manama has the best nightlife in the Middle East. Despite being a small country, there is abundance of clubs and pubs, all located within walking distance of each other, and they deliver everything that one could possibly want ranking from top DJs, to live music to karaoke and pub quizzes. Alcohol is legal here, which makes Bahrain more attractive to those who are unable to drink legally in other countries like Saudi Arabia.

Manama is also unique in a particular aspect that it is not uncommon here for men and women to intermingle. Although women in Manama dress in traditional Islamic costume, western wear is also getting more acceptable, and women are also participating in many activities as men.

Bahrain has some good pubs, majority of them being equipped with standard pool tables, dart boards and multiple screens designed to watch international sports. Some of the better pubs are overcrowded when major European soccer or rugby games are shown live.

Even the bar scene thrives in Manama. It is centred around the hotels as these are the most modern buildings in the city. The nightlife in Bahrain mostly involves foreigners, so much, so that you even tend to forget that you are in a Middle Eastern country, unless when a random Arabic dance song is played.

Apart from night clubs, bars, pubs and hotels, the other option for enjoying nightlife in Bahrain is going out to movies. The timings are mentioned in the local newspapers like gulf daily or check out at and then check for movies.

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Bahrain without alcohol, there are some specific places like Casa Blu, a well-known sheesha restaurant at Adliya. With an Arabic-style interior, the sheesha here is better than anywhere else. There is also the marrocan tea, which goes well with sharmam sheesha.

Popular Bars and Nightclubs in Bahrain

Bahrain nightlife is largely centered in the Juffair area, a suburb with plenty of development activity. The area has plenty of bars and clubs catering to tourists, which by law are attached to hotels in the area. Some of the places to hang out with friends, meet new people and have fun are:

The Z Club at the Pars International Hotel in Adilya is a popular venue to enjoy Bahrain nightlife from 9pm to 2am. The house music (Latin Reggae) is played by the house DJ, and there are leather couches to lounge around if you are tired after hitting the dance floor. The venue includes international restaurant at the first floor, lounge on the ground floor where jazz musicians perform every night. The place is decorated in traditional English Country House style.

Located at the Novotel Al Dana, La Bellevue offers a relaxed Bahrain nightlife with a venue offering stunning views of the sea, a comprehensive menu of spirits including beer, cocktails and wine, live music and bar.

The Gulf Hotel’s Sherlock Holmes pub is where British tourists and expats can feel at home in this live-music venue, which gets lively on weekend nights (Friday and Saturday in Bahrain). It is designed to look like an old-fashioned English pub and features memorabilia from the Victorian era and menu of traditional English food. The Gulf Hotel also has the best cocktail bar in town. Tel: +973 17712450.

For those seeking an adventurous Bahrain nightlife, Zahle at the Gulf Hotel is a place to enjoy local cuisine and entertainment. The entertainment includes belly dancers to live Arabic bands, apart from performance by popular Lebanese singers from time to time. The food here is also sure to tickle your taste buds with grilled kebabs prepared over sizzling coals, warm Arabic bread and cold Lebanese mezze.

Typhoon can get a little pricy, but the service and atmosphere here is worth the buck. Tel: +973 1771 6395.

Trader Vic’s at Ritz Carlton could be the ideal choice for dinner and a drink. You may consider it for a romantic dine out with a loved one, especially during the winter months, as you could sit outside overlooking the beach and pool around the terrace. The lighting here is spectacular and there are good bands performing by the bar too. The live Latino music is an added bonus. There is also a variety of ‘mocktails’ here for those who do not wish to indulge in potent selections! Tel: +973 1758 6555.

The Manama Tower Hotel is a decent choice, given its in-house Hard Rock Cafe, which is good for live music several nights a week.

A popular British pub in town is the JJ’s located in Adliya, which is popular for its Karaoke night on Mondays and for performances by regular bands and DJs from UK. It is a friendly Irish bar in Adliya with excellent food, social, entertainment and good crowd. Tel: +973 1774 2323.

The Klub 360 at The Elite Crystal Hotel in Juffair is a place where one get to enjoy the hits of the hour and after the closing time, go to their after party venue, where the club is open until dawn. Despite the crowd during weekend, it may still be the best places to go dancing in Bahrain.

The previous management of the former Z club has moved to open another venue called Tabu Club in the Panorama Hotel, Juffair, across the street from Elite Crystal Hotel. Tel: +973 17826888.

The former Cocoon Lounge is popular among techno-lovers in Bahrain, which has transformed itself into an Indian club now, and receives guest DJs from India. For Tel: +973 17827600.

A hotspot which has remained popular with nightclub circuit in Bahrain is ‘The Warbler’. This has a typical British pub atmosphere, and there are events happening here every night. The Warblers bar is great for meeting US and European expats, watching footie on big screen and having great western food and good selection of beers. Tel: +973 1729 6237.

For those of you looking out for a relaxed atmosphere to indulge in your favourite beverage, there is the Rugby Club. Although, you need to be a signed in by a member, there are open days once a week, where you can have the run of the club for a minimal fee.

Likwid is one of the smaller clubs with a unique cozy ambience. It has a open-minded customer base, and is popular for its varied music programmes and the international guest DJs who visit the club on a regular basis.

Barnaby Joe’s is located in a quite little place in Adliya, but has great crowd and music. People in the age group 18 or 19 upwards to late 30s are permitted entry. The place is ideal to meet people, dance and have a good time. Monday is ladies’ night. They often have shows or singers performing here too.

Savage Garden is the place to go for some salsa dancing and a relaxing time. The atmosphere here is lively and may be worth a try.

The Henry’s is a popular bar with a nightclub upstairs, which was popular some time back. But, the bar is still good to hang out with friends, though it may be difficult to meet people here.

These are a few places you could try, but ask for suggestions among your friends, as there are scores of places still waiting to be discovered. However, all these places follow dress codes. Shorts are prohibited, but smart casuals are allowed. Live bands are a regular feature at several of these nightclubs, and the choice of music varies from Ethiopian and Arabic bands to Indian, Filipino and Western. On the whole, you will find the nightlife in Bahrain to be safe, enjoyable and inexpensive.