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Psychiatric Hospital

Tel: +973 17279300
Fax: +973 17279301
Building 12, Road 2901, Block No.329, Salmaniya, Bahrain

The Psychiatric Hospital in Bahrain is committed to provide safe, high quality, holistic care to all clients regardless of their gender, nationality, religion and ethnic background. The hospital ensure effective and efficient care in accordance with the MOH health direction and quality improvement principles and evidence based on research.

The hospital aims to increase awareness of mental disability and promote mental well being, provides high quality psychiatric health care services to meet the needs of the population of Bahrain while also ensuring cost and assuring efficiency, enhances the role of the community in providing psychiatric care, maintains a workforce of skilled and satisfied staff.

The Psychiatric Hospital was founded in 1932. The hospital has 201 inpatient beds (with a 20-bed alcohol and drug dependence unit, 25 beds for acute patients, 40 for short-stay patients, 42 for long-stay patients and 20 beds for the mentally impaired.

Psychiatric hospital is considered to be the main center introducing psychiatric care service’s for all Bahraini citizens, visitors and comers, the hospital working 24 hours accepting psychiatric disorder and social cases which come directly or referral from accidents & emergency unit, health centers, BDF, Public security clinics... Etc.

The hospital divisions and other amenities include:

Nursing departments
Internal training
IbnAlnafees unit
Alghazali unit
Almoyyed unit
Ocupatational therapy dept
Cattery and food services
Community Psychiatric services
Social services
Psychology unit
Medical record unit
Pharmacy Dept
Support Services Dept
Liaison unit
Ibn Rushed Unit
Day care unit
Child & adolescent unit
Short stay unit

Occupational Therapy Unit: Including a hall for handmade, stitching, carpentry, house and offices products.

Programs and activities introduced to all patients individually depending on requirements for each case, male & female from all wards of hospital are accepted based on schedule tables, also the unit responsible for preparing activity treatment in the wards to the severe and restricted cases.

Among the other facilities are Mosque, food services, medical record department and pharmacy department.

The units in the hospitals are:

Ibn Alnafees Unit:

Consist of tow mail wards and two female wards with 96 beds introducing psychiatric care services for long stay and geriatrics, rehabilitation of the patients and practices there social activities depending on them selves independently is the one of most important goals for the unit.

Alghazali Unit:

Consist of tow mail wards and two female wards with 97 beds accepting acute cases introducing psychiatric and social services to such patients.

Almoyyead Unit:

The unit is considered a complete clinic with out patients and in patients with 17 beds, the objective of the unit is to rehabilitate drugs and alcoholics for reaffiliation to the social life by means of developmental techniques of psychiatric care and group treatment

Ibn Rushed Unit:

The unit was opened in February 1991 under care of prior minister of health Mr. Jawad Salim Aloreyad.

The aim of this unit comes to complete the broad development in psychiatric care, which introduced by ministry of health for the citizens. The unit consists of three different units – short stay unit, unit for child and adolescents and a day care unit.

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