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Sitrah Bahrain

  Manama Sitrah
  Riffa Muharraq
  Isa Town Hamad Town

Sitrah is a town located on Sitrah Island in the Central Governorate of Bahrain, and east of Bahrain Island in Persian Gulf. Manama is located south of Sitrah, while its western boundary is covered by Tubli Bay. Sitrah is a part of 33 islands that constitute one of the smallest nations in the Arab world.


Being an oil port, Sitrah handles petroleum production of Bahrain, and is an export centre for oil fields in north-eastern Saudi Arabia. The town has extensive tank farms, oil refinery located to south east on Bahrain island near Awali.

Majority of inhabitants in Sitrah island live in the seven historic villages including Kharijiya, Wadyan, Mahazza, Qurayya, Sufala, Marguban and Abul Aish. The island is full of groves, farms, and freshwater springs. Agriculture and fishing were the main part of Sitrah’s economy earlier. However, at present, the island suffers deforestation, and the mangroves have disappeared due to this, and environmental pollution.

The northern end of the Sitrah island is now converted into an industrial area. The south of the island includes oil storage reservoirs. Sitra is the terminus of the 42-kms natural gas pipeline that links Sitra to Saudi Arabia. The Sitra Causeway links north of Sitra to Nabi Saleh and Manama.

Sitrah is a rich town in Bahrain with high per capita income. The population of the town is scattered among the seven villages. Agriculture, date palm farms, fruit farming, animal rearing, are the main earning source for villages. The northern belt of city, however, has got into good industrial progression and expansion. The Sitra Club is the cultural and sports club of the island.

Sitra has hot humid summers (June to September) and mild winters (November to February).

There are numerous tourist attractions in Sitra, including ancient structures, monuments and museums. As for the main attractions in Sitra, one of the main structures worth visiting here is the $25mn Sitra Mall, located adjacent to the sea, which offers wonderful shopping experience. Apart from shopping there is the Yacht Club with privately-owned boats, the Dhow Harbour that includes traditional Arabian fishing and cruise boats, popular beach resort with hotels and seaside restaurants, and fishing villages located in proximity to the island.

The date palm gardens are also enjoyable for visitors seeking to relax and to pick up some fresh dates that is famous for Middle East region. Visitors can also enjoy some typical Arabian cuisine (a shawerma for instance, or the filafel).