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Taxi fares and tips in Bahrain

Taxis can be easily hailed along the streets in Bahrain and are a comfortable way to get around the city. Official taxis are recognized by their orange and white or orange and gold colour. There are also the Arabian Taxi’s “London Cabs” that have their distinct checkered roofs. You can catch taxi from taxi ranks located outside shopping malls or major hotels. Airport taxis can be availed in front of airports too. Taxis are available at all times from the terminal at the ground floor, an additional charge of BD1.00 is charged.

The use of meters is mandatory in Bahrain. All taxis in Bahrain are required to have a meter and specific rates. If the driver refuses to switch on the meter, or if the taxi meter is covered or broken or not turned on, simply get out of the cab and hail another one.

Although it is the law here for taxis to operate on a meter, several drivers get out of this by not mentioning about the meter at all and then finally charge an exorbitant rate at the end of the journey.

Meter Fares

When you finally find a taxi with a meter, here is the info on rates that you should know:

  • The official rates for taxis start at BD1.5 during normal tariff hours, i.e, during peak hours during the day (the first period from 6:00am to 10:00pm), and will cost BD0.25 per kilometre thereafter.
  • A 1 hour waiting charge for taxi during normal tariff hours can be in the range BD3.00 to BD5.00.
  • The night rates (the second period from 10:00pm to 6:00am) are more expensive. An additional charge of BD1.00 is required if you hire the taxi at the airport or from a taxi rank.
  • After the first kilometre, the fare is 200 fils during the first period, increasing to 250 fils during second period.
  • The waiting charge would be BD0.050 fils for every minute during both periods.
  • BD2.000 for one-time only if the distance exceeds 254 kms.
  • When a taxi is hailed from those waiting at Bahrain International Airport, BD2.00 is added to vehicle meter reading.
  • When a taxi is hailed from those waiting at the hotel rank, BD1.00 is added to vehicle meter reading.
  • During public holidays and weekend, second period fare is applicable. However, BD1.000 is added to vehicle meter fare during Hijri public holidays.
  • An additional BD2.00 may be added to the vehicle meter reading in respect of benefitting from the service offered by licensed telecommunication counters.
  • If you wish to use the taxi for a longer period, BD25.000 may be charged for every six hours or BD40.000 for every twelve hours, excluding calculation for driven distance.

Passengers are required to pay the taxi fare as it appears on the vehicle meter.

You could also refer to the Bahrain Taxi Website at

In case of any complaints, dial round-the-clock service at +973 17 782828.

Types of Taxis in Bahrain

Shared Taxis: Apart from regular taxis, there are several shared taxis on the roads as an alternative. They are known by a yellow circle with licence number in black, painted on the driver’s door. The shared taxis have several designated pick-up points too. They do not use meters. Fares vary depending on destination, but are less than those paid for regular taxi. However, they do not expect tips from passengers.

Radio Taxis: Radio Taxis by Speedy Motor Service operate round-the-clock. The fares are higher than normal taxis, are metered, but, 10percent customary tip is must.

Easy Taxi: This is the latest to be launched in Bahrain, which is now in its beta stage. This leading taxi booking app helps customers to book taxis through their smart phones, increasing efficiency and speed of hiring taxis in Bahrain.

Tips for taxi users in Bahrain

  • Just as in anywhere else, it is always wise to travel with a map.
  • All taxis are supposed to use a meter. It would be always better to use official metered taxis. If your taxi driver refuses to turn the meter on, it is better to hire another that uses a meter. Else, call the complaint number or call the police, as there is a rule that if the meter is not turned on, there is no charge. However, if a taxi is honest enough to put on the meter, a 10% tip would be a good idea.
  • When hailing a cab in Bahrain, if you happen to get into a cab that does not run with a meter, it is better to negotiate about the payment before you enter the cab. The driver will always tell a price that would be way higher than what it should be. Hence, it would be good, if you have a fair idea of the amount it would take to reach your destination, and finalize on the payment before entering the cab.
  • To be on the safer side, always insist that the driver turns on the meter before your begin your journey.
  • When travelling from the airport always use the white with red roof or London style taxis. However, insist on turning on the meter.
  • If you are more comfortable pre-booking cabs, you can call any of the taxi companies listed below. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for a taxi to reach you, if it is a pre-booked taxi.

Taxi Companies in Bahrain

There are several taxi companies in Bahrain, some of which are privately owned too, with most popular of them being:

Speedy Motors: (Tel: +973 17682999) – The Speedy Motors (SMS Radio Meter Taxi) is the oldest and most popular radio meter taxi company in the Kingdom, and the most reliable. Advance booking of taxi is possible, as they operate round the clock service, 365 days a year.

Bahrain Limo: (Tel:+973 17266266) – It is the newly established Radio Meter Taxi Company in Bahrain and is the sister company of transport giant “Saudi Bahraini Transport Company (SBATCO)”, which offer luxurious bus and limo services across the King Fahad Causeway.

Bahrain Taxi Online: (Tel: +973 36688614) – With this service you can get metered taxi online within 10 minutes at

Saudi Bahraini Taxi Company: (Tel: +(973 17252959 / +973 1732 1218) – This was one of the first companies to use luxurious vehicles in the Middle East, and quickly grew to be the dominant player in limousine business offering quality service at affordable rates. This is the only specialized limousine service providers within Bahrain and Eastern province of Saudi.

National Car Rental: (Tel: +973 1732 1306 / 396 11079) – Leader in Limousine Service with luxury cars, premium cars, SUVs, MPVs, buses etc offering services to major corporate clients, travel agents and hotels in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Arabian Taxi: (Tel: +973 17461746) – Also known as London Taxi, is available in public and private parking areas including commercial complexes, hotels and airports. It operates round-the-clock, is fitted with GPS system and has wheel chair access.