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Jobs in Manama Bahrain

Jobs in Bahrain
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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Jobs in Manama Bahrain

Welcome to Bahrain job finder, your source for employment
in Bahrain. Current hot employment categories in Bahrain.

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Admin/Secretarial/Reception
  • Building & Construction
  • Call Centre/Telesales
  • Engineering
  • Hotel & Catering
  • HR & Training
  • Health & Medical
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance (General)
  • Legal
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Management
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Marketing/ PR /Media
  • Planning & Design
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Warehouse & Industrial

Latest News and Resources

New deal signed to train nationals in retail jobs -2/7/2015

Career Expo a guiding light to students -12/3/2015

Private Sector backs unified GCC expat hiring policy -24/12/2014

Bahrain to see 4 percent wage hike in 2015 -29/10/2014

Bahrain toughens rules to limit worker exploitation -9/4/2014

Bahrain succeeds in slashing unemployment rates -29/1/2014

Expatriates account for 77% of total workforce in Bahrain -18/12/2013

Expat employment 40 percent higher than nationals -23/10/2013

More jobs underway for women in Bahrain -16/10/2013

5 percent growth in Bahrain salaries likely in 2014 -11/9/2013

Expat labour fee to curb unemployment among nationals -21/8/2013

Unified GCC regulation likely for recruitment of housekeepers -27/3/2013

Career Expo unveiled in Hamad Town -6/2/2013

Online employment portal signs deal with Tamkeen -23/11/2012

Lowest salary growth projections for 2013 -14/11/2012

New Tamkeen project to offer professional training to job seekers -7/11/2012

Bahrain job market stable -22/8/2012

Bahrainis to bridge educational and employment gap in the job market -10/8/2012

More than 3500 job losses likely in construction sector -15/6/2012

Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix set to add 3000 new jobs in Bahrain -28/3/2012

Tips to stay motivated during the job hunt

1 Establish objectives
What motivates us is achievement, so keep your goals realistic and stick to them, For example, avoid planning 27 calls in one day - you'll get depressed if you don't achieve that goal. Instead, set realistic objectives, make lists and take a red pen and draw a line through every goal you reach during the day.

2 Keep Notes
Staying organized about where and when you've sent your CV will make the follow-up easier. Keep notes of all phone calls and correspondence as well as your research.

3 Strengthen your confidence
Don't put your life on hold during this transition time. You'll walk into interviews that much more confident and at ease.

4 Maintain a Routine
It's very important to maintain a routine while you're job hunting. 

5 Put on a Happy Face
It's hard to keep it all in perspective sometimes, but keeping a positive attitude is crucial.

Phone a friend
Speak to a friend on a regular basis. Tell him or her about your search and what kind of feedback you've gotten. Make sure you have a designated time, whether at the end of the day or once a week, to talk with your trusted advisor.

7 Set aside time
Be realistic about how much time you need to spend on your job search so you won't overestimate what you can get done or get discouraged when you never finish your to-do list. Schedule website job searches in your appointment book, says

8 Socialise
Get together with friends once a week or once a month to update each other on your job search and cheer each other on.