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The Bahrain Hotels and Accommodation Directory provides a variety of Manama accommodation choices to suit most people's budgets and needs from small, budget hotels in Bahrain short holiday stay and long-stay accommodation

Jobs in Manama Bahrain

Jobs in Bahrain
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There are tremendous opportunities to be found in Bahrain - not least because it is one of the quieter holiday home investment destinations and hence, remains, even today, partly undiscovered.

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Living in Bahrain

Cost of Living in Bahrain

Manama is the focal point of Bahraini economy, with several multinationals, offices and facilities located in and around Manama. The cost of living in Bahrain permits you to live comfortably. Accommodation and car payments forms major part of an expatriate’s expenses in Bahrain.

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Salaries in Bahrain

Salaries in Bahrain are comparable to those in western nations. Earlier the salary structures were divided into basic pay, accommodation, medical cover, car provision, education for children, and air-tickets. But now, the trend is to offer just a single salary package to cover all this. Therefore, it is vital to consider all these aspects and take into consideration the living costs, before accepting the salary offered.

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Driving License Process

In order to obtain driving license in Bahrain, you should have a GCC or an International Driving License. For this, you should have resided in Bahrain for a minimum of three months, or should possess Bahraini Nationality. Another requirement is that you should be over 18 years of age, and should pass an eyesight test.

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Major Festivals in Bahrain

Bahrain is an Islamic country with several Islamic festivals and national events lining up the calendar every year. All the festivals are celebrated in a grand manner by Bahrainis.

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Sports and Recreation

The year-round fine weather in Bahrain offers immense scope for a range of sea and land based activities including swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and yachting.

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Shopping in Bahrain

For the shopping buffs who love to while away their time in shop hopping, there are the traditional souks and the hi-tech shopping malls to choose from.

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Public holidays in Bahrain

Bahrain, being a Muslim country, Islamic festivals are celebrated, and majority of the public holidays are on Islamic festivals and events. Muslim festivals are celebrated based on local sightings of various phases of the moon, and so the dates cannot be fixed.

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Theatre / Cinemas in Bahrain

Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of entertainment options in Bahrain. Cinema is a popular form of entertainment in Bahrain. People here watch Cinemas quite often and there are excellent movie theatres and complexes in Bahrain.

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