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Driving License in Bahrain

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In order to obtain driving license in Bahrain, you should have a GCC or an International Driving License. For this, you should have resided in Bahrain for a minimum of three months, or should possess Bahraini Nationality. Another requirement is that you should be over 18 years of age, and should pass an eyesight test.

With the exception of US and UK licenses and few other nations, Bahrain does not value licenses of majority of nations, and therefore, you will have to undergo a driving test (based on the license of your home country) or undertake instruction classes before appearing for the driving test.

The driving lessons can be undertaken in driving schools on paying a certain fee on hourly basis. You should posses an International Driving Permit, which should be endorsed by the Directorate before use. You need to possess a Bahraini ID card prior to applying for a driving license in Bahrain. Once you are done with completing official procedures at the Directorate, you can choose your driving instructor.

For UK and US licenses, and licenses of other countries, refer to the below link of Ministry of Interior in Bahrain. The Bahraini driving license will be given on applying personally to the Traffic & Licensing Directorate.

Unlike in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain permits women to drive.

Temporary driving licenses:

These are the steps to be followed to obtain a temporary learning driving license:

As an applicant, you should be over 18 years of age, should have passed the eyesight test, should be free of any disability that could hamper you from driving as per law, should possess a private car driving license (in cases when required by law) for a specific duration.

Along with the allocated application form for a temporary driving license you will have to submit your latest photographs, full face, size 4x6 cm. It should also have a private license attached if the law requires it.

On completing the eyesight test successfully and on meeting all the specified conditions, the license is issued on the attached form on paying the fee due. This should be endorsed by Traffic and Licensing Directorate, Bahrain.

The temporary learning driving license will have one year validity from the date of issue. You can renew it for the same duration prior to its expiry date, on paying the required fees for renewal.

Renewal of driving licenses:

Driving license renewal can be done even at your nearest post office outlet in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You just need to submit your expired driving license along with two personal photographs, fill in the required details including address on top of registered envelope, pay the required service fee and collect the receipt. This receipt permits you to continue driving until you receive your renewed license.  The renewed driving licenses will be submitted at the address given by you on the envelope.