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Bahrain Real Estate & Property Market

Bahrain property, apartments, villas, office space

The economic growth of Bahrain has been spectacular and quite belies the small land area and relatively limited population of the country. The infrastructure all over the country in terms of the road network, the airport, telecommunication, public services, educational institutions, and medical services have all been ranked among the top-most in the world.


The government is eagerly and aggressively pushing for more growth by offering many incentives to foreign investors. This has been brought about by the healthy proportion of global expatriates that mix with the general population. This has resulted in a boom in Bahrain property in terms of apartments, villas, and office space and more and more are coming to either work there or as tourists.

Bahrain property has also become a good investment among corporate investors due to Bahrain's unique position related to the trade and industry and the 100-million people market that is open and available to anyone who decides to start a business in Bahrain. Bahrain property is expected to become even more valuable in the near future due to the high demand and the limited land area of the country of islands.

Expatriates are also causing a real estate boom in Bahrain property, as many of these who work in Saudi Arabia prefer to reside in Bahrain. Commuting is easy via the King Fahad Causeway between the two countries.

Since English is widely spoken and understood throughout Bahrain along with the traditional Arabian there is an added benefit for expatriates to live there.

Bahrain Real Estate News

Bahrain construction sector to focus on green buildings implementation -19/3/2014

Latest technologies in green buildings and their implementation in the MENA construction sector will be discussed during a three-day event in Bahrain, during the third edition of the Arabian MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Conference and Exhibition.

New state-of-the-art residential development to be built in Juffair -12/2/2014

A new state-of-the-art residential development, comprising landscaped gardens and largest swimming pool in Bahrain, is being built in Juffair.

Bahrain embarks on five new housing projects -5/2/2014

Five new housing projects will be built across Bahrain over the next five years, the Housing Minister, Bassem Al Hamer revealed yesterday.

Real estate trading marks 30 percent growth -15/1/2014

The overall volume of real estate trading in Bahrain has grown by 30 percent last year, touching BD861.

Growth in residential and industrial property market -4/12/2013

The national stability in Bahrain and better economic conditions has emphasized the growth of residential and industrial property market in Bahrain, reported Cluttons, the leading real estate agency said.

Oryx Housing development nears completion -3/10/2013

An exclusive housing development, which is more than three years behind schedule, is now one step closer to completion, as the power has been turned on.

Diyar Al Muharraq issues title deeds of its prestigious Sarat Residences -3/10/2013

A major mixed-use urban development in Bahrain, Diyar Al Muharraq, announced that it has already handed over the first three title deeds of its prestigious Sarat Residences to buyers.

16 new projects approved at BIIP in Bahrain -31/7/2013

The Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) has seen approval of 16 new projects during the first half of the year, revealed Dr Hassan Fakhro, the Industry and Commerce Minister in Bahrain.

Asry to be developed into multi-service marine complex -31/7/2013

The Bahrain-based ship repair yard, Asry, will soon develop into a multi-service marine complex, the company chairman said.

Bahrain real estate sector enters the recovery path -24/7/2013

The economic growth in Bahrain showed positive signs during the first quarter, with revival of oil outputs, considerable growth in employment in comparison to the last year, all of which have been largely attributed to the backing of programme of real estate/infrastructure projects happening around the Kingdom, said CBRE, the leading international real estate consultancy.

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